Rust is an adult sandbox game and every eventuality cannot be covered in rules, however the following guide will keep you on the right path
Trust - anything with 2 legs - don't trust it.

Hackers - will be banned without hesitation (using external programs/code to create an unfair advantage over other players)
Doxxing - is not tolerated - do not give out your personal details to strangers.
Threats - real life threats are not tolerated..
Spamming / advertising - spamming chat or advertising random shit will get you banned
Sexual graphics on signs - provided there are no children (under 16yrs) or animals depicted - have fun ( poor animals)

If the developers have added something to the game and its possible then it is allowed on this server ( excepting game breaking glitches)

If you want to be toxic , racist or homophobic, then go right ahead - you are playing an adult game after all.

If you choose to be a dick, do not expect people to be nice to you.

If you are a fragile snowflake, maybe rust is not the game for you.

Admins and moderators have jobs and families- we don't have time to deal with petty arguments
Group size - 4 maximum - no exceptions.
If you are a streamer , use common sense and do not stream your door codes or map location and remember - not every player you encounter is a stream sniper.
If you decide to stream snipe a player then you will have your base /removed and if it persists then you will be banned.
The server is still in its infancy and will have teething issues - the admin team will address these ASAP - just contact us in chat if you have any problems in game

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